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Q: There a delay between the splash screen and the launched application and I see my desktop, why? (44,225 views)

The delay is because our software launches the specified application, then closes the splash screen. With different speeds of computers, etc. we cannot estimate how long it will take to launch the selected application. Our Splash Screen is on top, so we need to close the Splash Screen once we launch the specified application or it could potentially be "behind" the splash screen.

Think of the autorun's being launched seperately. For example, we display the splash screen....then close it. Then we spawn your HTML file that opens Internet Explorer. When we issue the command to start Internet Explorer, we do not know how long it will take to load IE and display your HTML file. We cannot possibly keep the splash screen open for how long it would take for IE to load. This is the same explanation for any other application or program you are trying to autorun.

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